Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Death of Free Speech

Freedom of speech is the most basic right in this country, yet we're failing to protect it more and more. This is a horrible example of what I'm talking about.

Yes, this guy is a douche, but he did NOTHING wrong. There is no reason for the cops to try to arrest him. There's no reason for them to take six officers to try and restrain him without answering the most basic question of, "Why are you arresting me?" There is absolutely no reason to use a taser on him.

This video makes me sick to my stomach.

Again, the guy may be a douche, but basic rights are basic rights. The freedom of speech was enacted to protect unpopular opinions just like this kid's. Don't ever forget that.

UPDATE: I didn't catch this initially, but Rachel brought it up. You can hear Kerry in the background saying, "Stop! I want to answer his question!" That makes this even more sick.


Malisha said...

that was really horrible to watch. they tazered him and he didn't even do anything. He was cuffed. sickos.

Jade said...

Sorry for the lack of posts today, but I wanted this to stay on top for 24 hours. It deserves the attention.

Jade said...

Here's a link to the whole video, as part was missing from the one I posted.