Friday, October 26, 2007

Health Inspector

Last post for today, since it's my birthday* and I want to get on with other things.

This is a political post. It may only be interesting to me, but I want to share it.

A man was doing work on his house and property. It was all being done in his back yard, which is not visible from the street. A health inspector received an anonymous complaint, an came to check it out. They insisted to be let into the back yard to inspect and photograph it. The homeowner (who is video taping this) would not consent and asked her to leave. She called police to escort her back. The officer, without a warrant, and knowing the homeowner does not want them on his property, told her to go anyway, and trespass. The police officer actually encouraged for the health inspector to break the law and told the homeowner he was in the wrong.

This is a shameful abuse of power, and really disgusting to see. I really wish I knew the outcome of this guy's lawsuit, but at least I could see this video.

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